Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Writing Schedule

Anyone waiting for this moment yet?

Much as I love summer--even this heat is better than the frigid cold of January. My regular writing schedule (such as it is) gets thrown out the window in the summer. I have to force myself to find pinches of time to write.

I'm working on an MG Fantasy right now, and it's fun. I wrote 1000 words yesterday in about an hour. If only I could guarantee that every day, this WIP would be done by the end of the summer.

I'm participating in Heather Kelly's Tour deWriting and checking in with a crit partner. I'd love to have 20K written by the end of August. I'm into the WIP about 6500.

Anyone else have writing goals? Anyone else waiting for school to start?

Cartoon used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at


Ansha Kotyk said...

Um, yes. Love love the few weeks my kids were at camp... it was perfect for pounding out most of a very very rough first draft. Something to work on in the fall. Ah, Revision how I loathe thee. But I actually love having something new!

Katy said...

That comic is adorable. :) My daughter only goes to preschool three days a week, two hours a day and YES! I am so looking forward for to it starting up again. I've got a rewrite to work on, not to mention a first draft I'm only 7K into.

Good luck on your writing goals. :)

Laura Josephsen said...


I homeschool, so my waiting for school to start consists of waiting for books and whatever schedule I implement. But things HAVE been busy this summer--between moving and settling and getting one of my books toward publication, my writing has gone completely out the window this summer. Hoping to get back into the swing of things soon.

Lisa Gail Green said...

OMG How did you get a picture of my house??? Seriously, that's very accurate. :D I love my kids, but I could never home school...

Susan Oloier said...

In so many ways, it breaks my heart when school starts. I love spending time with my boys, and they are growing so fast. But--like you--my writing always makes it to the bottom of my to-do list in the summer. I have been pushing myself to write this summer, but is always in the middle of the night when my creative juices are depleted and screaming for sleep.
Love the comic, BTW!

Kelly said...

It is so hard to find time to write in the summer! But I do find time here and there. But I'm just not as productive as I am during the school year. I'm not ready for school to start just yet though. I love summer!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

YES!! Story of my life. Except my five year old only has school for 2 1/2 hours a day! Ach! Not much time to get anything done!

I fantasize about going away for a week somewhere and finishing my wip. Heaven.

Michelle Teacress said...

I admit that yes, I am waiting for more quiet time - mostly because I really can't concentrate if the house is hopping.